4 Deliciously Sneaky Ways To Make Your University Essays Longer

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University essays aren’t always easy, especially the first couple of essays that you write. And sometimes, because we just can’t stop procrastinating, we end up on a tight deadline, and of course, not writing the essay is not an option. So here are some last-minute hacks that you can use to make your essay longer and meet that required number of pages.

Use More Transition Phrases

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If you’re just trying to meet a word count then insert transition phrases into your essay. On the one hand … on the other hand … and other phrases like that are definitely going to help you meet the word goal. However, (like what I did there?) you need to vary the transitional phrases you use so it’s not too obvious.

Remove The Contractions

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In the first place, contractions have no place in a university essay. Remove all traces of won’t, can’t, cannot, and the rest of their counterparts from your essay. Really, why use one word when you can use two? Or three?

Use These Formatting Hacks

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Your lecturers will usually specify line-spacing and font size, but you can still use formatting to your advantage during your essays. Increase the character spacing of your essay (the space between your characters) and then increase the font to 12.5 (no one’s going to notice).

Replace All The Pronouns

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Why are you referencing scholars with pronouns? Are they your friend? Use their names. They didn’t work hard for their degrees to be called them she and he in academic papers. Dr. Akofi Amoakwah of the Sociology Department of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is much longer and much more appropriate for an academic essay that you’re trying to drag out.

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