3 Hacks To Keep Your GPA High In Level 100

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Most people’s biggest regret in the latter years of the university is that they didn’t do more to keep their GPA high. And when it comes to keeping your GPA high, it’s not always a matter of studying harder for exams. There are one or two hacks that you can use to get a better GPA, especially during your early years of university.

Choose Your UGRC Carefully

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In our first and second years of university, there are some required courses that all students have to take. These UGRC courses are usually compulsory if you want to graduate, although which year you take them is usually up to you. Depending on your college, you’re going to have a choice between some of these UGRCs. Here’s the hack: choose the course that gives the easiest A. Talk to seniors to figure out what courses are. Oh and make sure to register early so those easy A courses don’t get full.

Take A Free Elective

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Free electives are courses that you don’t have to take, but that you can. Now, you probably already hate this idea already. Why would you take a course that you don’t have to? Well, the thing about free electives is that you’re supposed to find courses that are easy to pass (and possibly fun) that will boost your average. It’s especially helpful if you’re studying a difficult program and you’re getting Cs and Ds. An easy A can help raise your total average.

Assignments Are Everything

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Here’s another point that might seem counter-intuitive at first. You need to pressure your lecturer to give you more assignments. In the university, assignments usually count toward your total grade at the end of the semester. That means that the more assignments you do (and do well, because let’s face it, assignments are usually group work), the less pressure there is on exams and the more likely you are to get an A.

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