You Should Prepare For These 4 Things When Planning A Ghanaian Wedding

Ghanaian weddings are occasions we also least look forward to. Nothing feels as good as going to share in the joy of a family member or even a friend. If you’re the one planning your own wedding, you’ll have to have this information beforehand.

1. The wedding will have more of your parent’s friends than yours

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You may have decided that your wedding will be a small one but Ghanaian parents don’t understand small. Is it because you don’t have money to feed all those people? Hoh! They’ll provide them with the food. Is it drinks? They’ll get them drinks. Seats or what? They’ll get it. The day is for you but it’s for them even more. Know this and know peace.

2. People will stress you for directions to the venue

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Before anything, just give everyone a family member’s number to call for directions because once they get lost and they have your number, they will call you. In fact, put your phone on Do Not Disturb so you’re free.

3. The food may not be enough

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Whatever food you think you’re getting, cross check with your mum to see if it will be enough because chances are, she’s invited half of the people in her hometown, her school mates and of course, since she’s in every group in church, they’ll be representing live too. Whatever you do, let her be in touch with whoever your caterer is otherwise you’ll stress.

4. Be mindful of how far your church is from your events center

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Especially if you’re in Accra. The traffic will shock you. Advice yourself and try to get locations which are closer.


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