Take A Look At These 8 Green Outfits You Can Style For This Weekend

Green is widely considered as a very difficult colour to wear. Green is said to symbolize health, renewal, life, balance, calmness and harmony. Green is such a versatile colour and because of its different shades and tones, chances are, one will suit your personality and style preference. All you need is to figure out the shade right for you and then mixing it with other items in your closet.

Green can be paired with white, beige, grey, yellow, pink, blue, gold or black.

1. Pair your green maxi dress with a cream coloured bag and matching slippers or sandals.

Image via julitha.kabete

2. Green pairs extremely well with yellow. All you need are yellow accessories to make the look complete.

Image via the_real_chi

3. Sometimes you don’t need to do too much. Just get a statement fashion accessory and in this case, it was a gold strapped heel.

4. You can never go wrong with green pants and white long sleeves.

Image via pindy_gwala

5. This colour combination may not be conventional but they work well together.

Image via pindy_gwala

6. Once again, green pairs really well with white.

Image via pindy_gwala

7. Once again, scarves prove their versatility here, paired with a green suit.

Image via edaowofashion

8. Sometimes all you need to do is add a different shade of green accessory to compliment your outfit.

Image via simplycyn

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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