6 People Talk About The Worst Delivery Service They’ve Had In Ghana

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Delivery services in Ghana can be so annoying and tasking either from the side of the client or the side of a business owner. You’ll order food only for it come messed up. You’ll receive a call from a rider at 8 am asking you for directions, only for them to eventually come at 5 pm meanwhile you needed the item during the day.

You’ll try your best to direct some of these people but they’ll end up somewhere else you don’t even know about. As a business owner, you know that you gave items to the dispatch at 9 am but as at 3 pm, people are complaining that they haven’t gotten their items and when you try calling the rider, their number is off.

They call eventually and tell you that the police arrested them and they’re now out. Honestly, dispatch experiences in Ghana can be used for a movie on Netflix.

Anyways, we asked a number of you to share your experiences and these are what you had to say.








Source: kuulpeeps.com

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