3 Other Ways You Can Keep The Talking Stage Steamy Without Nudes

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When you’re talking to someone and things have just started getting good, it’s natural for things to move in a sexual direction. You start flirting heavily and the next thing you know you’re sending nudes back and forth. The problem with nudes though is that they have a habit of getting you into trouble.

Your nudes can come back to haunt you in the form of revenge porn after a breakup or simply when the person you sent them to shares them with anyone else (which is illegal btw). Instead of risking all of that when you send a nude, here are some alternatives that you can explore instead.

Facetiming/Video Calling Instead

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If you’re worried about the nudes you send lingering on the internet, then how about a video call instead? Video calls are more intimate (although harder to stage than regular nudes) and they make it less likely to wake up and find raunchy pictures of yourself trending.

Just Type It Out. It Leaves More To The Imagination

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Instead of sending nudes, you could also just type out your sexual fantasies. Talking about what you’re into (especially if you’re as descriptive as possible) can be even more of a turn-on than sending a picture. It also requires some vulnerability which brings you closer to the person that you’re talking to.

Use Snapchat If You Have To

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If you’re at a point where you do want to send nudes to the person you’re talking to (and men, random dick pics aren’t as appreciated as you would think), then you should do it with Snapchat. That way you’re sure they haven’t taken a screenshot, and the images expire after a while.

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