On Body Shaming: 4 Reasons Why Your Personal Opinions About Someone’s Body Has No Validity

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Every passing day, we are exposed to new things. Things that often challenge our usual way of thinking and actions. One minute, we think we are being cool and then we get to learn that we were actually being totally hateful.

That is how most of us have come to be exposed to current issues such as body shaming.

We have called people different things in a attempt to describe their physique. It might have seemed to be ok then, but now we know it’s actually horrible to say that to another person.

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Sometimes, we might consider our comments to be harmless, however, to the person we are referring to, it might feel like firing a gun at them.

Body shaming is when you denigrate someone for their physical appearance. It could occur in the form of height-shaming, shaming someone with prosthetics, for being thin or fat among others.

For people who have encountered such bullying, it becomes a very traumatic experience.

Just in case you need a reminder, here’s why you need to take a pause whenever you feel like passing a negative comment about someone else’s body.

None Of Your Business

How someone looks or doesn’t look is literally none of your business. It doesn’t affect you in any way. If the person has not explicitly invited you to talk about their figure, you keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself. No, don’t tell another person about it. If you think the person might be going a health or abusive problem which is being manifested in weight gain or loss, you need to approach it from a place of care, love and reassuring safety.

Unhealthy Eating Behaviour

Sometimes when you think you are helping, you are rather making a bad situation worse or something that wasn’t an issue in the first place become something else. Those with body issues that can be “resolved” with diet (either eating or not eating) can easily take on bad eating habits. Often with because of every human’s flaw to please others other than ourselves, people tend to do unhealthy things, just to make sure that they fit in a socially prescribed ideology of what is right.

Confidence Stolen

Imagine when you think you are wearing your best outfit and someone says you don’t look good in it, how does it affect you. You’d be at the wedding reception and you’d be afraid to even socialise until you get that outfit off you. Well, the people you body shame cannot just take off their body and put a new thing on.

Mental Health

We often overlook it because it’s often not manifested physically. However, mental health is so important that when it’s affected, then everything else messes up. The emotional, psychological, and social well-being toll body-shaming comments can take on victims are enormous. We must always ensure not to mess with other people’s mental health.

Let love lead always. Besides what direct benefit do we derive from ridiculing someone based on how they look?

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