9 Tried-and-Tested Ways To Have An Amazing First Year In University

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Most of the advice that you’ll get during your first year of university in Ghana is just people telling you not to make bad friends or those other things that older Ghanaians love to say. The actual advice that’s going to help you survive that first year, however, you’ll find below.

Join As Many Group Chats As You Can

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It’s one of the things that help you make sure that you’re always informed and always know what’s happening with your course and in your hall. Not to mention, you could also end up making a few friends.

Have Fun But Don’t Lose Track Of Your Work

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Compared to other years of the university, level 100 is one of the less stressful times in the university. That doesn’t mean that you just blow off school work though. Level 100 is one of the times when it’s easy to make some As and get your GPA up. So get those As.

Your Friends Might Not Last For Your Entire Stay

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Your friends during level 100 (even the ones you’ve known since SHS) aren’t always for life. People grow apart in the university, that’s normal. Just don’t burn any bridges.

Ladies, Don’t Turn Into Anyone’s Wife

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Investing in a relationship you believe will last is reasonable. But you’ll find ladies in the university doing the actual most; cooking for their boyfriend, basically living in their room, doing chores, etc, when the guy is just doing the bare minimum. Don’t get taken advantage of.

First Year Is For Enjoyment

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During your first year, make sure that you go for the hall weeks, the fresher events, and all the other things that come up. You might not have that luxury when you’re in higher levels.

You’re Going To Go Through One Or Two Weird Roommates

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In uni, you have to prepare for the fact that some people don’t have the same home training as you. You either have to tell them the things you can’t stand (which can be uncomfortable but necessary) or you have to put up with some weirdness.

Less Uber More Walking/Shuttles

Yeah taking an Uber is usually more convenient. But that money adds up over time. And you can walk to most places on your campus from where the shuttles stop.

Go To Lectures

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It’s easy to get access to lecture materials on Sakai or your school’s portal, or even through a group chat. But making time to catch up is a whole other issue. Just go to class and you’ll pick up more than you can imagine.

Practice Safe Sex

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You want to have some fun in school and that’s natural, but you do still need to be safe. And for ladies, insist on a condom if you don’t want to take a post-pill (they can have severe side effects).

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