5 UENR Students Tell Us Their Favorite Moments At The Just-ended UENR SRC Week Celebrations

The just ended SRC week was lit, just as it promised to be. From the food bazar, African wear showcase and a bonfire night on Monday to the Rep Your Jersey and Bonfire night.

We event got to have mad fun at the movie marathon and of course, the Luv Craft, which honestly, was probably a favorite of many of us.

UENR SRC Week celebrations

Just to see how really fun the entire week was, we asked five UENR students to tell us their experiences from the week-long celebrations.

Sammy: Since I commenced schooling in this institution, I can and will proudly say this is the best celebration ever… No program or week celebration has ever been sumptuous(for lack of a better word) as this has. I’m very thankful for the organizers. #KUUMBA_SRC.

Kwesi Arthur performing at the SRC week celebrations.

Sandra: It was fuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn  (no be small “fun” overload).

Selby: It’s been the best, the seminar taught me a lot, the entertainment was massive.

Pixza: The SRC week was massive especially on days like Tuesday and down to Friday and Saturday. Honestly, for me, I didn’t expect many people to participate like that, but I think this SRC week is so far the best I’ve seen in UENR.

Pappy K: It was “sogoloogo” (whatever that means…). Kudos to the SRC and its entertainment committee, you guys did an amazing job. Looking forward to more exciting times. #UENR_Is_Home.

And that’s that. Now onwards to next year!

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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