5 Convincing Reasons To Keep The Lights On During Sex

A lot of people, maybe including you, hate the idea of having sex with the lights on but we may be able to convince you to keep it on the next time you have sex.

You can see your partner’s expressions

There’s no point in having sex if one party isn’t enjoying it. With the lights on, you’re able to clearly see your partner’s expressions and know what they like and what they want you to do more of. No words needed.

It’s more intimate

Unless of course, the sex is “just sex” for both of you and not being done in a romantic way, keeping the lights on makes things more intimate. You can stare into your partner’s horny eyes and get turned on even more. Eye contact during sex switches things up a notch during sex.

It’s safer

For example, before wearing a condom, you’ll have to check and make sure there are no tears in it. During sex, with the lights on, ladies can also make sure that the guy doesn’t remove it in the middle of the session.

Promotes Body Positivity

For a lot of people, turning on the light during sex is intimidating because they’re not confident about their body type. Turning on the lights means you can both see each other bare; you can see your flaws so clearly and it can be very intimidating the first time. What you should remember is that if this person likes you, they’re not going to see the flaws you see but they’ll appreciate you for being you.

Helps you bond as a couple

Looking at each other whiles having sex creates some kind of intimacy that makes you get goosebumps when you have flashbacks. It’s hard to hide your true feelings and emotions when you’re face to face with someone inside you.

So… have we successfully convinced you yet? 👀 Let us know in the comments section.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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