The Best Ways To Increase Your Salary As A Nurse

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For many nurses, getting into this career is not about making lots of money, but rather a calling to spend their careers saving lives and making a difference to others. But that being said, we all need money to live, and everybody can benefit from an increased income for the job that they do. Whether you are currently working as a nurse or are considering starting your career in nursing soon, the good news is that there are plenty of opportunities for nurses to boost their income and enjoy a higher salary.

Get Your BSN:

If you are working as a registered nurse and do not currently have a BSN, getting this qualification might be the first step towards earning more money in your job. Currently, research shows that BSN-educated nurses are having a much better impact on the healthcare industry in general and as a result, employers are taking action to hire more BSN-qualified professionals over those with an associate’s degree or similar qualification. Many employers are offering more attractive salaries in order to encourage more BSN-qualified nurses to apply, and finding a job is much easier for nurses who have a BSN compared to those who do not. In addition, advancing your career and earning more money from working in a more advanced nursing role is also much easier when you have a BSN, with it being the minimum requirement for the majority of training courses and advanced degree programs. Check out the accelerated BSN online from Baylor University to get your BSN faster.


Networking involves meeting new people and establishing professional contacts in your career. You may have heard a lot about networking and its benefits, either while you were in nursing school or when on the job. There are many different ways that you can network with other nursing professionals and healthcare professionals today from on-the-job meetings to social media and nursing events such as conferences. Making more connections in your career can help you make a bigger name for yourself in the industry and improve the chances of your name coming up when more advanced nursing positions are available with better pay.

Work In Critical Care:

Nurses who work in high-stress, critical care areas like the ER trauma centers or the ICU can often earn more pay per hour due to the high-stress and demanding natures of these healthcare settings. Nurses who work here are often paid a premium due to the fact that they are encountering very serious situations on the job that will typically require them to act quickly, think on their feet, and make heart-wrenching decisions while not letting it affect the quality of the work that they do.

Work Throughout The Night:

Nurses are needed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. For many, this means working unsociable hours, like throughout the night. Because it can mess up your sleeping pattern and you spend the entire day sleeping, it’s no surprise that a lot of nurses don’t put the night shift as their first choice. However, if you want to earn more money as a nurse, working the night shift might be the way to do it, as these shifts will often pay a premium, which is typically a couple of dollars extra per hour that will quickly add up if you work night shifts a lot.

Join Career Ladder Programs:

Clinical career ladder programs are often offered by large healthcare organizations and hospitals. They are designed to allow nurses to earn an additional bonus based on the successful completion of the program. These programs can often focus on a range of different things and are most often centered around improving patient care and nursing excellence in the workplace, with different tiers that you can achieve for a higher wage increase.

Get Specialty Certifications:

There are several different certifications that you can get for a range of nursing specialties. They enable you to work in more specialized areas of nursing where you will be able to work in an area of this career that pays more and offers more responsibilities. These programs might be offered directly through your employer, or you may be required to get them through a credentialing agency such as the American Nurses Credentialing Center, where you can find several certifications for different nursing specialties on offer. Not only can getting one of these certifications earn you a wage increase, but they can also help you find more opportunities for career advancement.

Earn An Advanced Degree:

Obtaining an advanced degree will almost always pay off when it comes to healthcare careers. Getting a master’s degree as a nurse is becoming easier than ever with a wide range of online programs that you can enroll in and study while you continue to work as a nurse. Studying online allows you to take the degree program from home and many programs allow you to be as flexible as you need since they are designed with busy full-time nurses in mind. Once you have completed your advanced nursing degree, you will have even further career opportunities with better pay available to you.

Change Your Industry:

In healthcare, some industries pay more compared to others. For example, you might make more money working for a large for-profit organization compared to a small non-profit. State-owned specialty hospitals, for example, offer some of the best rates of pay for nurses. In addition to working in the healthcare settings like hospitals and doctors’ offices, it’s also worth considering other industries that nurses can get into that might pay more, such as research facilities where you will be working towards improving medicine and patient care with trials and testing. Sometimes, simply switching to a different employer might help you earn more money as a nurse. Travel nursing can also pay handsomely while giving you the chance to work in a range of different areas.

While the money might not be at the forefront of most nurses’ minds and helping others is more important, everybody can benefit from a salary increase. Consider these options if you’re currently working as a nurse or want to become a nurse.

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