The Amerado And Obibini Beef Explained; How It All Started

Amerado And Obibini Beef Explained; How It All Started

It’s Beef season and we are here for it. Amerado and Obibini are going bars for bars with their lyrical wars. This beef has been lurking for some time and it just happens to have exploded.

Over the weekend, Tim Westwood released the Amerado, Yaw Tog, and Kweku Flick freestyle which saw these acts go hard on the beats they were given. Even though some missed the Amerado bar, it was clear he was throwing shots at Obibini. Just after Amerado gave shoutouts to Worlasi and Akan for their work. Then Amerado moved to the bar that caused the whole rage.

Me to apete nfa wo huŋ ne wo feelings akoa baako nso claimi” Wudini” me tw3 no diin s3 me tv nana wo ntwa teo ns de wo huŋ ni” which translates I’m spraying it out(Bullets) I don’t care about your feelings one rapper also claiming maniac, I’m quietly watching him like my TV King you are not amongst the best quit dirtying yourself.

And “Wudini” is Obibinii’s other moniker and Slogan which clearly showed the fact that he was throwing shots at Obibini. During an interview on TV3, Amerado was asked about the jab and he denied dissing Obibini even though the facts are clear. “Do you think I will be on a world platform and be throwing shots to someone I have been working harder than?” Amerado asked.

Obibini later hit the studio to record a diss track throwing shots directly at Amerado titled “Deceased.” He threw shots at the fact that Amerado is forcing himself unto the Kumerica trend claiming to be part of something he is not, and further calling him an opportunist. Obibini went on to call Amerado a crop duster comparing himself (Obibini) to Boeing.

Amerado did not spare Obibini with the bars as he went hard on him. Amerado titled his diss track “The Throne” where in the first line he called Obibini “wufuo Lazarus” who is going to be killed like a “scapegoat.” Amerado claimed all the properties Obibini is flaunting are all rented. He also stated that with all the support Zylofon Media has given Obibini, he hasn’t really utilized it to become a bigger star.

Obibini then replied Amerado with another diss track “Carcass” where he called Amerado a mistake of a person.

Meanwhile, the Beef is still on and we can’t readily decide who is winning but till they both drop their final diss tracks we wait to declare the winner.

Source: Kuulpeeps

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