If You Check Off At Least 5 Things On This List, You’re A Certified Bad Bitch

Being a bad bitch is not for the faint hearted. It’s not an easy thing. To be called this you have to be a certain type of way and own a number of things. Do you think you have what it takes to be called one? If you can tick off 5 of these points, you’re who you say you are. If not… we are sorry. You’re just not there yet.

1. You have more than 5 human hair wigs

Among the 5 wigs, one should be a long (at least 18 inches) bone straight wig, raw hair (double drawn) wig and a custom coloured Virgin human hair wig. If you cannot say you own any of this, are you really a bad b?

2. Your makeup is always impeccably done by yourself

Bad b’s can afford to get their makeup done by someone else but even when they decide to do it on their own, everything still looks fire! They’re definitely not going to be caught dead looking miserable.

3. You balance 2 or more boyfriends

Image of a meme via Twitter

Why? Because you need all of them for different purposes. One for companionship, one for money purposes, one as a designated driver, one for food… all of that. A true bad bitch can balance all of them without batting an eye.

4. Your momo account has 5 or more figures

Where the money resides meme via memes.zikoko.com

A bad b without money? Is that one truly a bad b?

5. You wear contacts

If you’ve never attempted to wear contacts, you may not understand why this point is in this list. All we can say is, contacts lens = bad bitch.

6. You wear anklets all day, everyday

If you can wear anklets in front of your Ghanaian parents, we believe you’re a fighter. You fight for the stuff you want and so you’ve managed to bend your parents to your will. We Stan.

7. You live alone

Anka bad bitch de33, living with your parents fa woho b3n? You fend for yourself and still have all that cash in your momo wallet.

8. You went to Legon

We don’t make the rules. It is what it is.

How many points were you able to tick? Let us know where you stand; bad bitch or regular bitch?

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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