How Messi And Michael Jordan Were Dragged Into A Debate About “Whose Brand Is Bigger”

Lionel Messi. Photo credit: Messi/Instagram

Yesterday marked a very powerful cosmic shift in the world of football.

It was confirmed that Lionel Messi, who has played for Barcelona all his life has signed to join Paris Saint-Germain FC (PSG) in a two-year deal.

In a glamorous sequential drone shot, Lionel Messi was formally introduced as a new PSG player.

However, the video that was most surprising is the one of Messi waving from a widow to a mammoth crowd of PSG fans on the streets of Paris. It was as if a rockstar was holding a concert.

All that of got Messi fans super excited that he has been enthusiastically welcomed by the PSG fan base.

With all that going on, people then started hyping Messi like how he is the best sports personality to have walked the face of the earth and all that.

Then someone thought it wise to compare him to the famous basketball player who retired 20 years ago, Michael Jordan.

Fans of Messi are used to comparing him to Cristiano Ronaldo all the time, and after this historic day, they chose to go a step further to drag MJ into the mix.

While they had their say in comparing MJ who is still making millions off his brand despite retiring two decades ago to Messi who is literary still playing acting football, MJ’s fans were not here for any of it.

They came for Messi’s fans and they came good with receipts and not assumptions.

For starters, even Messi’s PSG jersey has MJ logo’s on it. If that is not a mic drop moment in the argument then what is?

Both MJ and Messi are amazing athletes with their own qualities. Their brands also have their own strengths and weaknesses. MJ might not be able to meet Messi’s brand popularity worldwide, however, without even trying, MJ is making more money off his brand than Messi is.

Plus, Messi is relevant now and MJ not so much so can we just enjoy the game and the amazing Champions League season ahead of us?


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