3 Silly Ways You’ll Lose Money On Campus As A Guy

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Whether we’ll admit it or not, it’s almost a fact that guys spend money on more silly things than a woman would, generally. The time in the university is no different. Here are some challenges (aka silly things you’ll probably spend on) you’ll face as a guy in the university when it comes to money.

Sports Betting

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Betting is currently the most popular get-rich-quick scheme that guys are using on campus. Everyone buys into the promise of multiplying their account balance by simply betting on a few sure things and making some quick cash. However, as you’ll learn through tears, there are no sure things. Matches don’t go the way you think and the times where you do win, it’s not even enough to cover what you’ve lost betting.

Investing In Shopping Moves

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It’s easy to buy into the hustle culture. Everyone and their friends are starting a business or making money moves left and right. You don’t want to miss out and so you open your mind to possibly investing some money and making some cash yourself. However, one constant when it comes to investing in “shopping” moves is the big chance of disappointment. And forget trying to get your money back while you’re at it.

Peer Pressure


It’s cliche, but it’s also a fact that we all come from different backgrounds. Trying to match the people that you see on campus or when you’re out is one of the surefire ways to burn through your account balance. It’s not always the easiest to live within your means when you are constantly around big spenders. And that’s how you go hard and go broke.

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