15 High School Memories That Have Us Thinking Maybe We Should Go Back For One Day

Photograph Of Wesley Girls' High School Students From Kuulpeeps.com

One of the early moments in life that stays with us over the period of our entire stay on earth is our time in senior high school.

At the basic school, you are young and green and not very out there. Most people live a very sheltered life in that basic school as compared to when they get to senior high school.

Most of those who go to boarding schools are probably moving away from their parents or guardians for the first time, day students are also probably embarking on longer commute to and from school for the first time by themselves without a parent or a guardian.

Photograph Of Pope John Senior High School And Minor Seminary Students. Photo credit: Pope John’s/Twitter

Basically, at the senior high school level, you somehow get your first taste of a watered-down version of adult life and as such what happens during this time is often major.

We often tend to look back on senior high school memories with much nostalgia, and most of them are not entirely positive memories.

It’s almost always about breaking bounds, being punished by seniors or lecturers, or you doing the punishing as the senior.

Nonetheless, there is always some form of pride (for a want of a better word) when we have to recall some of our memories from senior high school.

Those of us who are not sharing our memories, also love to hear about that of others.

For the love we have for you, here are 15 people going down memory lane to recall their exploits back in senior high school.


Now that you have read about other people’s senior high school memories, what are yours? Tell us in the comment box below.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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