Solace Lisa Dankwa: This UG Alum Plans To Build The Biggest Recreational Centre In Ghana

Solace Lisa Dankwa

Not a lot of people who aspire to be entrepreneurs are able to come up with great ideas to start businesses that are able to stand the test of time.

Solace Lisa Dankwa, however, is not discouraged by the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur because she is always inspired by he childhood experiences and her children.

“My passion and my responsibilities as a mother caused me to take the entrepreneurial path. My life from childhood till now hasn’t been an easy one so I don’t wish my kids the same. I just love to work for myself and have more time for my kids/family. Entrepreneurship gives me that opportunity,” she told Kuulpeeps.

Solace Lisa Dankwa

Solace Lisa graduated from the University of Ghana in 2020 with a bachelor of arts (B.A) degree in Economics, and has since then focused on growing her businesses.

As someone who loves to cook and write, she focused on building her brands around her hobbies. She is currently the CEO of Pops Kitchen and More; a Corporate Blogger who blogs about corporate institutions, entrepreneurs, businesses; a Digital Marketer and Brand Consultant.

She is also Ghana’s Ambassador for Girls In Charge (GIC) Foundation, a non-profit Organisation; and the founder of Entrepreneurs Connect Africa (ECA).

Solace Lisa founded Entrepreneurs Connect Africa (ECA) to provide a platform for networking, capacity building, and consultation on entrepreneurship.

“At Entrepreneurs Connect Africa (ECA), we envision a continent where we have been able to improve economic indications and this purpose-driven by high excellent form of Entrepreneurship,” she said.

With ECA, she hopes to find and train a thousand African youth in business; have the biggest network of entrepreneurs in Africa; build factories for food processing and storage in every country in Africa.

Solace Lisa Dankwa

Aside from her passion for entrepreneurship, Solace Lisa is also passionate about is the salvation of men, God’s people, single mothers and her children… “because these are the true definition of love which stands for sacrifice,” she said.

She, however, plans to invest and build the biggest recreational centre for children in Ghana and also sponsor thousands of single mothers in skill acquisition and career development, with the aim of bringing joy to homes.

“I want to own the biggest recreational centre for children and parents in Ghana. I want to build a vocational centre for single mothers for skills training. Also, have an Entrepreneurship Center in every Community in Ghana.”


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