9 UG Students Talk About The UTAG Strike And The Suspension Of Their End Of Semester Exams

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The Balme Library, University Of Ghana. Photo credit: UG.EDU.GH

Last week, University of Ghana, Legon students were preparing to write their end of semester exams.

However, just before the end of the week, the university’s authorities released a statement indicating that the end of semester exam has been postponed indefinitely and that the Level 200s and Level 300s who are waiting to return to campus should also wait for a new resumption date.

Due to the modular system, the university is running because of COVID-19, only the first-year students and final year students are on campus.

While the first years can’t wait to put their first academic year at the university behind them, the final year students can’t wait to be done with university life filled with turning in assignments, writing IAs and exams.

Stock photo of a student. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The university was forced to suspend the exam because the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) and the Senior Staff Association-Universities of Ghana (SSA-UoG) have embarked on two separate strike actions following labour-related issues.

While UTAG is calling for the restoration of its 2012 salary values, the SSA-UoG said the government had failed to respect and fulfil agreements with the association.

In this tussle between the two labour unions and the government, the people caught in the middle are the students who do not even have a say on what is happening.

Kuulpeeps.com interacted with 9 Legon students to find out their reaction to the ongoing strike actions and the suspension of their exams.

Daniel: I’m soooooo happy, even though it will affect us.
You can’t be sitting in air-conditioned offices and luxurious cars and expect the lecturers who are suffering every day to be taking such a meagre amount as salaries, more so when their taxes exceed the salary

Gman: Well, I don’t think it’s bad to fight for something you’ve been denied for so long but the final year student’s exams are at stake. They can forget us, the first years and focus on the final years.

Ayishetu: Government should please speak some words of peace to our lecturers so that at least they reach a negotiation. The pandemic has caused a lot of damage and drawback to our education system already. This strike must end.

Richmond: Personally, this is very bad. It’s actually going to disrupt the already paralysed academic calendar. Not to even talk about the level 400s who could have even completed school if not for Covid-19. The stress alone in this 6 weeks tuition isn’t small and now adding the uncertainty of not knowing when you’re going to write your exams. Some of us in the house (second cohort) too want to come to campus, we have an agenda to complete.

Josh: With that, I’ll count it as a ‘timely intervention’ by the lecturers because lots of students including myself weren’t really prepared. I’ll say it was good it was postponed. It gave me more time to study. 😹

Didianyi: Following the UTAG strike, I don’t see the postponement of the UG exams as bad. However, the ripple effect in the education space will be huge, as this might cause the academic calendar to be restructured if the strike goes on for long.

Ikelyn: The greatest news I have ever heard on UG Campus is the postponement of UG exams due to the strike. It is the greatest decision that UTAG has taken, other schools see it to be a waste of time but we see it as giving us enough time to complete the semester. I wish the strike can continue for 5 weeks.

Hope: I think the postponement of these exams as a result of the strike by UTAG will really affect academic activities and will put some sort of pressure on students when the strike is called off. In my opinion, negotiations should be done so the strike is called off to speed up academic activities.

Jennifer: At first I was really happy about the postponement of the exams but after having a second thought about it I guess it will affect not only the first years but also the final year students.

It is currently unclear when the strike actions would be called off, especially when both UTAG and the government are still holding on to their entrenched positions.

However, the Senior Staff Association-Universities of Ghana (SSA-UoG) has called off its strike.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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