5 Freedoms Men Get To Enjoy Daily That They Don’t Really Deserve

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A number of men like to talk about women having it easy but… how? Maybe our clothes are less expensive (sometimes) or we are sometimes given the upper hand when being selected to go study certain courses or even at certain jobs but that is because of the gender gap that has existed for the longest of time due to societal expectations from both genders but that’s not what we are talking about.

It’s always the little things you know? We thought about this topic for a little while and came up with these points:

1. You usually have the perfect features

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You’ll see a guy with high cheekbones, perfect brows that doesn’t need shaping and the longest lashes which don’t need mascara. Meanwhile some of us girls have NO brows and have to keep drawing them every time we need to step out.

2. You don’t know the pain of having your period

We aren’t just talking about painful period but just having it in general. Periods wreck your mood and your plans every month without fail. You absolutely hate it when it comes because you have to be alert every time so you don’t soul yourself. Meanwhile, men just live life and the ladies suffer for a designated number of days every month.

3. You get free passes at home to live however you want

We are usually the ones always given a curfew because parents are afraid about what some other men can do to us and the list is endless. For most guys, when grown, they can sleep over at friends places, they can go out and spend the weekend elsewhere and you can go home and come back late without parents saying anything.

4. You can’t get pregnant and experience all the stress it comes with

While the woman’s body has to deal with changes throughout the 9 months, y’all will just be chilling. After child birth too, there is the dealing with your new body type and being at the beck and call of a little human who cries at the least thing.

5. You get to walk around bare chested

This may not seem like a big deal but it is! Us girls have to “bind” our boobs before stepping out, otherwise we will be accused of seducing your gender even when the bra is uncomfortable. We can never walk around with our tatas freely; but you people get to show off every day.

Ladies! What else did we leave out. Let us know in the comments section.

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