4 Very Important Things Every Presec Old Boy Wants You To Understand About Them

Entrance of Presec, Legon. Photo credit: Kuulpeeps.com

It is surprising and sometimes fulfilling that in the Ghanaian culture, no matter who you become or how long it’s been since you graduated from senior high school, you are somehow still defined by the high school you attended.

You could have attended Wesley Girls’ Senior High School, then to Harvard University and gone ahead to become the UN General Secretary and you’d still be considered as that Gey Hey girl.

With time, that stereotype could also become part of the identity, case in point – Accra Academy students love to dance.

PRESEC was the 2020 NSMQ Champion. Photo credit: NSMQ Official

Sometimes, the stereotype is not that flattering as old students of Presbyterian Boys’ SHS, Legon also known as “Ɔdadeɛ” learned on the TL.

They were just minding their business when they were dragged for breaking hearts.

Out of nowhere and without them asking, they were crowned kings of the romance breakup game and leaving women to mend their shattered hearts.

However, when Ɔdadeɛ realised their new “championship crown” they quickly went into damage control mode.

Prim And Proper Christians

One of their pieces of evidence to prove that they are not the kind of men they are being portrayed to be, they claimed to be living the life of Christian Gentlemen who would carry two white handkerchiefs… one for themselves and probably the other for a damsel in distress. How could they possibly break your heart?


When they are busily living the prim and proper Christian life, they contest that they then become the victims. The prey rather than the predators they are painting them to be.

Wrong Identity

They are also claiming the case of mistaken identity. Everybody loves Presecans and want to be associated with them. Also, claiming to be an Ɔdadeɛ apparently helps in the dating game. As a result, they claim a lot of men want to claim to be Presecans just to score a date and then when they end up breaking the woman’s heart, Presec takes the blame.

Forced Dating

It seems the street cred of Presecans is high to the extent that they have been sought-after men to date. According to them, it is the women who rather force themselves on the Ɔdadeɛ and when they don’t reciprocate, then there is a disaster.

The Presec Boys are regarded as smart men and maybe or maybe not they are innocent in this charge.

We know we can’t pass a judgement but you can share your experience dating a Presecan with us in the comment box below.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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