Want To Know If A Ghanaian Man Likes You? Read This

A lot of people like to talk about how women shoot their shots and get cocky about it but men have very funny and sometimes ridiculous ways to shoot their shots.

When they like you, they like you and they can become the sweetest version of themselves just to shoot their shot with you. These are the ways you know a Ghanaian man has fallen for you.

1. They buy you food

These men know that the way to a Ghanaian woman’s heart is through her stomach and they act accordingly when they like you. They don’t just ask if you’ve eaten. If you haven’t, they ask you what you want and get it for you. True love.

2. They send momo

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Men who are serious about grabbing the attention of a lady he wants makes it a point to randomly send money to her. No need to ask if she needs it or not.

3. They make sure they hit you up everyday

If a guy really likes you he’ll want to talk to you everyday. Ask you how your day is going and tries to get to know you better. You’ll find yourself talking to these guys late into the night.

4. They’ll laugh at everything you say

Image via memes.zikoko.com

Even if what you’re saying is not funny, you can rely on them to laugh. They find you entertaining and will always be a good sport around you.

5. They go all out on your birthday

Tell us you like someone without actually saying you like them. Men who like you will always go the extra mile for you on your birthday. You’ll definitely feel their presence as they go all out for you.

Ladies, what other point have you noticed about men who like you and want to shoot their shot?

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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