Here Are 4 Ways That Links Can Make Your CV Better

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Job seekers are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd of other applicants. If you’re looking for a job, then we’ve got one way that you can do that. It’s by using links on your CV. They’re versatile and can make your CV different from the rest. Here are 4 ways that you can use links on your CV.

1. Email Links

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Putting an email address on a CV is the norm right now, but putting an email link makes things easier for the recruiter and also makes your CV stand out from others. To create an email link, highlight the email text in your word document. Then you can right click and choose Link, or you can press CTRL+K. In the Link address bar type mailto: (type your email address here).

2. Call Links

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Instead of just putting your number on your CV, you can make the number on your CV a link that opens the dialer with your number entered when it’s clicked on. Simply highlight your number in Word, and then press CTRL+K or right click and choose link. Then in the address bar type tel: (enter number here without spaces).

3. WhatsApp Links

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This link when clicked on will open a WhatsApp chat with you. To create one, highlight text that you want to be the link and press CTRL+K. In the address bar enter

4. Portfolio Links

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If you don’t have a portfolio it’s easy to create one with services like WordPress, Square Space, Behance and others. Then you can put a link to your portfolio home page on your CV. A portfolio of your work and recommendations will help you stand out from others.



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