7 Struggles You’ll Relate With If You Use Food Delivery Services In Ghana

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Using food delivery services in Ghana is and has always been a struggle! You’ll order food and by the time it gets to you, the hunger would have gone. You’ll relate with these struggles if you’ve used food delivery services.

1. They usually don’t answer on a first ring

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It’s either that or the call won’t go through. When you finally get through to someone they’ll tell you it’s because someone else was on the call.

2. The customer service people are rude

This is how some workers spoil people’s businesses. It took you a while to even answer calls and now that you’ve answered, you’re giving me an attitude? Are we not paying for your services? Or do you think you’re the only ones who provide the services we want?

3. Having to wait for hours before the food comes

You’ll order food at 11:30 am thinking by 12 you’ll have your lunch. Most of these food services will have you wait hours before sending over your food. By the time the food comes, the hunger would have “overed” you.

4. Directing the delivery guy

This is one of the most hectic things to do ever and to think that there’s an easier option of sending your location to the delivery guys on WhatsApp but majority of them don’t use WhatsApp phones. You’ll direct some of them to the best of your capabilities but it won’t be enough. They’ll end up in places you didn’t even know existed in your neighborhood.

5. The food looks a mess

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Maybe because the food keeps hitting the sides of the container on the bike or the terrible roads the delivery guy has to ride on, by the time it reaches your end, the food looks terrible.

6. The food looks better in images

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If the order gets to you in good shape, they end up looking nothing like what you saw on the page. A typical case of what I ordered vs what I got; food edition.

7. Wrong order

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You’ve wasted your time, effort and money just to get a wrong order. An order you spent hours waiting for. Smh. Chest pains.

Which of these have happened to you recently? Let’s chat in the comments section.

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