5 Easy-Peasy Ways To Undo Your Braids Without Any Damage To Your Hair

Bold Red Braids. Source: @kersti.pitre

Everyone does protective styles like braids to, well, protect their hair and allow the hair to grow without manual manipulation or even atmospheric interference but braids can damage your hair if you allow it to.

Time and patience is extremely needed and so you need to set down some time to remove the hair especially if they’re in a small size. These tips should help you take down your braids without damaging your hair so the length can be retained.

1. Slip

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Slip refers to how lubricated a product makes your hair feel after applying; think “slippery”. A number of people use oils to ensure that the takedown process is easier and seamless for them. You can also decide to spray the braid with water or water and conditioner mix before the use of oils.

2. Cutting

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Generally, we each have an idea about how long our natural hair is. Once you gauge that, cut 2 inches below it because you don’t want to risk cutting your own hair. You can decide to do the cutting on all the braids before unraveling them or cut and unravel as you go along.

3. Work in sections

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Working in sections makes the task less overwhelming. It also prevents your hair from tangling when freed from the braids. Begin unraveling the braids from the bottom to the top using the end of a tail comb or a toothpick or a broom stick. Once it gets the job done with tearing your hair, you can use it. When you get to the base of your hair, pull down the hair extension slowly so you don’t damage your hair. If you used the rubber band method to braid the hair, cut it with scissors.

4. Detangling

Image source: Remyglamnation.com

There’s definitely going to be a lot of build up and so detangling it is going to be a little tricky. This is where you should harness all your patience. Spray it with water or your water + conditioner mix and try detangling with your fingers.

5. Comb and twist

After finger detangling, brush our hair out with a detangling brush or a comb gently, from the ends to the roots. Once done, twist the hair so it doesn’t entangle with others.

Repeat the same process till you’re done unraveling the braids. To get your mind off it, you can be watching a series or a movie. We hope these help.

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