4 Types Of Roommates You Should Prepare To Meet In Your First Year Of University

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We all agree it is good to have roommates so you can avoid boredom but some can be a pain in the back whilst others leave you with memorable experiences that will stay with you for a very long time.

Now here are some categories of roommates you will encounter and you always meet them in your first year.


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This is basically anyone who enjoys learning. The nerd, also known as the “book long or book worm as others call it, “can be either a male or female who seem to be so engrossed with everything relating to their education. These people are normally calm or down to earth and are also the ones who never want the light turned off. I mean, after using the study, they will still want to continue in the room. Their grades are perfect and I just cannot tell but life seems to be perfect with them.


The church boy or girl is definitely one unique character you will have as roommate. These people are so spiritual yet very calm and kind at heart. They are the “I don’t like trouble people” so they tend to be very annoying to other roommates whose believes conflicts with theirs. These people are talkative and can be nosey at times. 


 Now these people are something else. They do not belong to the room yet they have the have the effrontery to do whatever they wish even if it means bringing people to sleep over. You should try and see a percherfighting with a room owner sometime, howbeit you will think it is the other way round.


 If you are a guy just know that you are going to have at least one gamer as roommate and if you are unfortunate to have two or more, just forget about the word privacy,; you are going to have people budging in and out of the room at all times. 

This is definitely bad news for an introvert but it is going to give you an opportunity to learn to relate to others even when you do not feel like. On the brighter side, these gamers are always going to keep you busy thus insinuating no boredom which is a plus for you.

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