What Is Going On In Lagos? These 10 Tweets Have Us Screaming ‘WTF!’

Meme. Credit: sociallysorted

If you’re not yet on Twitter, you’re really missing out on a lot of funny content 😹. We get that a lot of people don’t get the app or feel like it’s “savage” but you don’t have to post anything. Just have the account and follow certain people so you can always see what’s going on on the TL.

A Nigerian twitter user asked his fellow countrymen about the wildest thing their eyes have seen in Lagos and the answers people gave about their true life experiences will shock you. You’ll wonder if it’s from a movie but it actually isn’t 😹.

We’ve compiled some of the wildest responses that we’ve seen.

1. How will you not walk on eggshells?😹😹

2. It’s the audacity for me😹

3. Imagine how confused this person must have been

4. Just so you understand this better; They are towing the head of the truck but when she looked up and saw it, she thought the truck was moving in her direction to hit her 😹😹

5. No be your mates dey die everyday?😭😭😭

6. People are unnecessarily mean because what’s the meaning of this?😹

7. The first one though 😹😹😹😹. Chale! The world is hot!!

8. This is why I stay away from a fight happening. Before you realise, you’re treating a wound you cannot explain.

9. They really waited for him to come back and drive??😹😹😹

10. I’m sorry but what??😹😹😹

Keep your eye on the lookout for when we ask about Ghana/Accra and let us know the craziest thing you’ve seen.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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