5 Things Every Man Should Do Before Getting Married

Day in day out, marriage is getting more and more scary as it keeps getting a bad rep. We all know someone who got divorced or who is experiencing a terrible marriage but cannot quit it because of one or two reasons but the answer isn’t to avoid marriage altogether. If you’re a man and you’re thinking of getting married someday, here are some things to do before the marriage that will increase its chances of success.

1. Learn to cook

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This is advise did every gender but especially for men because gender roles have made it seem like the woman should be the only person who should cook in a relationship. Even if your partner loves to cook, you should learn to prepare a few basic meals on your own so you won’t be found wanting when she’s not available. She can travel. She can fall sick. She may not be around during the period where you’re hungry. You need to be able to whip up something for you and for her.

2. Talk about money with your partner

Know how much you’re each currently making and how you’re going to use the money in your household. Talk about financial goals. Make a budget. Keep the money conversation open so you’re both in the same page about things.

3. Learn basic cleaning skills

Nobody wants a man who they have to pick up after. Anytime you’re around, the place becomes dirty. If you don’t already know how to do this, learn to do it. Nobody is going to be your mother or maid in the marriage. You’re going to be partners and you individually have problems that will need solutions. Let this basic thing not be one of them.

4. Live on your own for a while

This is perfect advice for both genders in our opinion. Living on your own will help you figure out how to take care of yourself. You’ll learn valuable lessons, like feeding yourself and cleaning. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to manage and pay bills.

5. Take a trip on your own

Once you get married, you may not have the chance to anymore. Everything will probably be together as you’re a couple for life now. There’s nothing quite like only being responsible for yourself while experiencing the world. If you can afford it, get a plane ticket somewhere and get the full experience.

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