Travelling Abroad And Having Trouble Verifying Your COVID-19 Vaccination Status? Here’s Help

A Lady receiving instructions

With the COVID-19 pandemic still here with us and a more infectious variance the Delta Variance reeking havoc around the world, various countries have implemented measures for travelers.

Besides requiring negative COVID-19 test results withing a certain specified timed period, travelers who are claiming to have been vaccinated are being required to provide proof.

This is the reason why it has become essential that other countries are able to verify that people who claim to have been vaccinated in Ghana can independently verify the claim.

For sometime now, it has been a challenge where most vaccinated Ghanaians who have travelled to other countries have had challenges in proving that they are indeed vaccinated.

That is why the Ghana Health Service (GHS) has provided an interim solution as it works on the Barcode (QR Code) and the vaccinated data on the

The GHS says a desk has been created at the departure hall at Kotoka International Airport to help people who were vaccinated in Ghana and are travelling outside the country to provide proof of vaccination.

Good luck on your travels.


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