How Domino’s Pizza Set A Trend In Ghana

photo credit: 40Graphville

Just weeks ago, the internet was taken over by an event that no one could have predicted. The Our Day to end all Our Day’s. You have probably heard by now, of the nine-year-old’s Our Day that was made special by the support of various brands and well-wishers on the internet. What you might not know is that the entire domino effect that led to the big Our Day blowout was started by the Domino’s Pizza account on Twitter.

Domino’s Pizza is a global pizza brand with over 17, 100 pizza outlets across the world. The world-class pizza that is Domino’s finally came to Ghana recently, in April of this year. The official launch of Domino’s in Accra was paired with charity drives where the brand donated Pizza at the Dzorwulu Special School as well as the Paediatric wing of the Ridge Hospital in Accra.

To Domino’s, brand stewardship means focusing on what matters, the core values that remain consistent in a world that is constantly changing, where companies are ever-evolving. What matters to Domino’s is embracing our communities, providing opportunity, finding inspired solutions, and a commitment to transparency, which we call uncommon honesty. As a work-in-progress brand that is constantly evolving, we will continue to work towards getting better every day.

In just a few months since emerging on the Ghanaian market, Domino’s has two shops; located at the start of Oxford Street in Osu and on the corner of Boundary Road directly opposite the East Legon tunnel.

With the brand’s history of goodwill, it’s no surprise that they started the Our Day trend that took over the internet just weeks ago.

When a Twitter user shared a letter that his coworker’s son had written to his mom detailing everything that he wanted to make his Our Day special, Domino’s Pizza accepted the mission to make Oswald’s Our Day as awesome as possible. They promised Oswald some boxes of pizza for the special day to share with his friends, and soon other brands were following suit.

Oswald’s Our Day isn’t going to be forgotten any time soon, and it all started with that reply from Domino’s Pizza. The other brands that followed with gifts for Oswald include Access Bank Ghana, FanIce, Blueband, Dano Milk, Frytol, Perk Biscuits, and a host of others.

Domino’s Pizza is known to be managed by the brand powerhouse, Echo House Ghana Limited which also represents brands such as Close-Up, Vodafone, Pepsodent, Frytol, Close-Up, and many others.



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