If A Ghanaian Woman Says These Things To You, She’s Shooting Her Shot

There’s no way a typical Ghanaian woman will walk up to you and tell you that she likes you and so you 2 should date. It won’t happen. Butttt there are some things she’ll say, some comments she’ll pass that lets you know that she’s interested in you and would like things to go a bit further in your relationship.

1. “I don’t want your girlfriend to come and beat me oh”


Once this statement is made, you should know that you’re already in the semi finals. This is the ultimate check to see if there’s someone there. If there is and you let her know and she’s a hard girl, she’ll not care and will go ahead and take “her man” from the girl because after all, even the Bible says “… and the violent take it by force”.

2. Liking a number of pictures on your page

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Ghanaian women will go through the stress of looking for you on social media and when they find you, they will like 3-5 images of yours in succession. Why? Because you’ll obviously see the notifications and their handles will be out there with you. They won’t DM first. It’s not possible please.

3. Asking if you’ve eaten

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Nobody cares if you’ve eaten or not except your mum and a girl that likes you. If she’s asking this question, it means she already cares about you and may even help rectify the situation by cooking for you or ordering food for you. Once she keeps asking this, please do the needful because there’s no way on earth she’s going to ask you out.

4. Calling you big head

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There’s something about this “insult” that is actually very endearing. If there’s any mention of big head, that’s your queue to make your move. She likes you. Don’t slack.

5. Telepathy

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We don’t know how to explain it but it works anytime. All you need to do is to position yourself right and either steal glances at them or walk past them a number of times while slightly brushing their shoulders a few times. Telepathy works.

Which of these have you experienced from a lady? Let us know in the comments.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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