7 Scenarios That Prove Ghanaians Have Trust Issues

Almost every Ghanaian has trust issues and who can blame us? Majority of the time, it’s because of our parents and how they taught us not to trust anybody; even them. Read all about that here. If you’ve done any of these before, its okay. You’re a true Ghanaian.

1. Count money from the ATM

There are people who don’t know that you aren’t “supposed” to do that. The machine is supposed to give you the amount you asked for but Ghanaians being Ghanaians will still stand and make sure the money given is what we requested for. The distrust level is high but necessary. It’s money we are talking about🌚.

2. Making sure there’s really lights out

Lights out that you didn’t hear the whole area exclaim in shock de3 is it really lights out? You switch your lights off and on to be sure and then go out to ask your neighbours because you need to be sure it’s the whole area that’s suffering.

3. Touching bread to be sure it’s fresh

It may not be hygienic but how else will we know it’s fresh bread? The store keeper can lie because they want to sell their product but touching it won’t lie to you.

4. Putting shito/stew on jollof

Image via vice.com

After everything that is used to prepare jollof, if you still always add shito/stew to it, you have a high level of distrust in your system. Maybe even higher than the average Ghanaian.

5. Going through a receipt given to you to be sure you weren’t charged for something you didn’t get

It’s not like anyone has deceived you that way before but it’s still important that you check. Right? 😹

6. Declining a free ride from a stranger

Why does it fall under distrust? Did you not watch West African movies? That is how people turn into Yam and tortoises and are used as human sacrifices.

7. When you lock your car with your remote and tugging at the door

Lmao! Just to be sure so that if a thief manages to break in, you know for a fact that you did your part and really locked your door. Technology shouldn’t be trusted so much🌚.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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