Simple Study Tips That Will Make Things A Little Easier For You

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

If you’re a university student then you’re probably aware that the worst parts of the entire university experience are exams, studying and pretty much anything else academic. Let’s face it, there are much more fun things to do on campus. That’s why we’ve got some study tips to make the hard parts that much easier.

Choose What To Learn

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

The more things that you learn, the likelier you are to forget some of those things. It makes sense that having less to learn is always a good thing. In the university, the best way that you can make decisions about what to learn and what not to is by speaking to your lecturers. Why not ask the person who’s setting the questions what’s coming? Some lecturers also openly share in class the areas that are testable and the ones that aren’t.

Don’t Schedule Learning

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

Saying things like “I’m going to learn for 4 hours,” or other similar expressions that you use to motivate yourself can end up having the opposite effect. Instead make sure to set your goals according to the content that you have to learn. Set covering topics/subtopics as your goal instead of the time you want to pass and you’re less likely to spend your study time distracted.

Learn In A Group

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If you’ve ever studied in a group in university, then you know how much more effective it can be than studying alone. Key points are easier to remember when you’ve had discussions about them, and usually there are these groups also give way to predictions about what’s going to be on the exam.



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