Ghanaians Take On American Journalist Who Subtly Shaded Ghana’s Team After 4x100M Race

Ghanaian relay team. Photo credit: Philip Alimo

While nocturnal Ghanaians stayed up late to watch Ghana’s golden quartet sprint their way into an Olympic 4x100M final, a heartbroken American was also seemingly dragging an entire nation because hers failed to qualify.

The American relay team failed to qualify to the final as they came in 6th place behind Ghanaian the team that qualified to the finals based on time.

Americans have a strong Olympic tradition of competition in multiple 4x100M finals and undoubtedly a lot of Americans automatically assumed that qualifying to the finals should be a given.

However, how Shalise Young expressed her disappointment has made her a target from some Ghanaians who want someone to drag on the timeline.

In a series of tweets about her registering her disappointment, Shalise tweeted “they lost to Ghana, y’all. GHANA.”

Some Ghanaians took offence at her relatively condescending tone and sought to portray the Ghanaian team as one that the US shouldn’t have lost to. While some Ghanaians believed she was racist, others also detected a hint of American imperialism and superiority in her Tweet.

As more Ghanaians woke up to the good news of the final qualification and Shalise’s tweet, they were ready and armed to come for her.

However, there are some Ghanaians who also saw nothing wrong with her tweet. Many saw it in the same light as Ghanaians dragging the Ghana Black Stars team for losing a match to a lesser-known football nation.

How about we stop looking down on other nations when they supposedly stage an upset in sports – football or athletics?


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