Are Things Going Too Fast? Here Are 5 Signs You Are Rushing Into Your Relationship

If you’re currently wondering if you made a mistake by jumping into your current relationship, this article is for you.

1. All you’ve really done is to have sex

There’s nothing wrong with being friends with benefits so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get into a relationship with the person because “everything” seems rosy. If you never really talk or hit each other up unless it’s for sex, hold on with the relationship.

2. You’re uncomfortable with them

If you’re not yet used to the person as a partner, you may be rushing a little. If you’re not ready to be seen without makeup or you’re not comfortable enough to be able to fully express your opinions, then you may want to wait a little longer to bypass thirds milestones.

3. You don’t really know them

We aren’t talking about what their favorite colours are but important things that you should know before you date someone. You shouldn’t be surprised every single time you talk to them. It’s always exciting and interesting getting to know someone, but if you’ve already taken big steps like defining the relationship and you’re still getting shocked by what you learn, you may want to slow things down.

4. You keep ignoring your red flags

Everyone has their non-negotiable in relationships but sometimes, in the beginning a what could be a relationship, they ignore all of it. If you’re in complete agreement at this stage, you may want to consider whether or not you’re idealizing your partner and their views, and downplaying your own opinions.

5. You’re Making Moves For Financial Reasons

You needing money shouldn’t be a reason to jump into a relationship because it’s very risky. You may end up biting more than you can chew and be found wanting at the end of the day. You can end up with an abusive partner just because you didn’t look past their money. Shine your eyes.

You need to be patient in order to get a partner you deserve.


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