UG: What We Know About Commonwealth Hall’s New Hall Master Dr Francis Anderson Adzei

Dr Francis Anderson Adzei. Photo credit: UG Credit Union

One of the most influential and popular halls at the University of Ghana, Legon is the Commonwealth Hall.

The residents of the hall are affectionately called the Vandals and for decades now they have affirmed their power in the University of Ghana community.

Now the Vandals have will soon have a new hall master as their faculty head.

Dr Francis Anderson Adzei is set to become the new hall master for the Vandals.

Dr Adzei is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Public Administration and Health Services Management, University of Ghana Business School.

His PhD degree in Public Administration from the University of Ghana. 

He believes in a student-activated learning experience, which engenders students’ active involvement in the teaching and learning process.

Perhaps, his new role should not come as a surprise since he is very active in the Tutorial Office of Commonwealth Hall, where he served as a Tutor for several years to ensure that Junior Members of the University are totally developed to be the best possible assets to themselves and the larger society.

Dr Francis Adzei is taking over the Commonwealth Hall Master role from Prof. Frank K. Nyame.

Source: with background information from UGBS.

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