#FixTheCountry: First Sights And Scenes From The Protest

Ghanaians protest for #FixTheCountry. Photo credit: @iamwizgh/Twitter

Young people from across the country have joined forces to lament about the many ways Ghanaians are suffering in a country of their own.

The blame for the status quo is being laid right on the doorstep of the Ghanaian political elites who many accuse of going into politics to enrich themselves rather than to solve the basic problems of the everyday Ghanaian.

Housing, education, healthcare, good-paying jobs and many other crucial necessities of the Ghanaian are not being addressed.

That is why on Founders’ Day, young Ghanaians are taking to the streets with the #FixTheCountry demonstration, a campaign that started online and now represents an outcry of the Ghanaian.

The demonstration, which has been long overdue as a result of the constant abuse of power from the Police to stop the demonstration with many court appearances and the arrest of some of the conveners, is now here.

Today though, it is finally happening and Ghanaians are marching through the streets of Accra to send their message to the government of the day and all other tax-funded political leaders in the country.

The only thing they want is for the leaders to do the job they are being paid to do.

Here are a few scenes taken earlier from the ongoing protest.

Photo credit: @JonasAdzoga1/Twitter
Photo credit: 3news
Photo credit: 3news
Photo credit: 3news

Founders’ Day is now about #FixTheCountry they founded.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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