The Hardest Parts Of Keeping A Friendship Alive After University

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Friendships after university are a lot of work. That’s not to say that friendships in university don’t require effort. They do, on campus you can just walk to a friend’s room in your dorm to see if they’re available to hang out. Or if they’re in a different hall, you can get a taxi for just 5 cedis.

After university, everyone is more busy with work. Or some people just ending living really far away. There’s a lot that changes after school, and here are things that make it difficult to keep a friendship alive.

The Guilt That You Might Be Bothering Someone

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After school, we end up with busy lives one way or the other and talking to our friends less. In school, you usually know your friend’s schedules, and hanging out at the end of the day is always an option. After school though, it can even get to a point where when you text a friend to make plans you feel guilty.

The Employment Divide

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After NSS, some people are going to get jobs immediately and for other people, it might take a while longer. When you haven’t found a job yet, it can be difficult staying in contact with your friends who have. You don’t text as often because you think they might be busy, or you even avoid going out because you can’t afford to split the bill.

Sometimes You Just Go In Different Directions

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Some friendships form out of convenience. Like becoming good friends with a roommate, someone in your hall or even a person that you’re in club with. However, after school you realize you have trouble keeping with each other, or you have less in common than you did while in school. It doesn’t mean that the bond that you had wasn’t genuine.

If you want to hold on to your friendships after university, then you need to put some effort into keeping in touch with your friends and making sure that you stay a relevant part of each other’s lives.



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