How To Love Someone Whose Love Language Is Words Of Affirmation

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We say that actions speak louder than words but with people whose love language are words of affirmation, the words are everything. Whether spoken or written. Here’s how to love a partner whose love language are words of affirmation.

1. Express yourself often

Whatever you say should come from the heart, because if you are making stuff up, your partner will be able to tell. Don’t just say things because you think they want to hear it. If you see a moment to encourage them in some way, go for it.

2. Show your appreciation

People with this love language feel fulfilled by positive words and comments and flourish when people recognize and appreciate what they do. No matter how small the thing is, they feel more fulfilled when you express it.

3. All words matter

Emphasis on “all” meaning both good and bad. You may say something in passing and not think twice about it but your partner will mull over it and take it to heart. If you must say something negative, try to make it constructive so they don’t get defensive.

4. Think outside the box

Write your partner a song or poem, put little love notes around where you know they’ll find them or even randomly send a sweet short essay expressing how much you adore them. Your partner will definitely appreciate the effort.

5. Know what your partner likes

Some people prefer it when you talk about their outward appearance, others like it when you appreciate the smallest things they do and others like it when you just acknowledge them and their presence in your life. The more you interact with your partner, the easier it will be for you to determine where they fall and what they want to hear.


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