5 Things No Woman Ever Wants To Hear When They Are On Their Period

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Periods can be extremely stressful and painful and even a little confusing for some ladies because there’s a LOT going on in her body. From experiencing the biological effects of periods, such as period pain and bloating to cramps, and mood swings, periods can be quite the terrible ride nobody asked for but still got.

Because of this, it’s important to know what to say and what not to say around a woman who is on her period as some things will trigger certain responses you never thought you would hear from her.

1. Telling her she looks tired

She probably didn’t sleep all night and was rolling around in bed struggling with abdominal pain and still tried to make it to wherever you’re meeting them. There’s also the fatigue that comes with blood loss. If you need to say anything, compliment her on something else or just keep quiet.

2. Telling her to “just get a painkiller

Some ladies do not take painkillers because after a while, your body gets used to them and they don’t work. Also, taking painkillers morning and evening every day of your period isn’t exactly healthy for your body.

3. Saying “Cramps aren’t that bad”

These are usually said by fellow ladies who are God’s favorites and do not experience too much pain. What they keep forgetting is that everyone’s body is different and the tolerance of pain is also different. If it’s not your body, you cannot make any complaints.

4. Commenting on her weight

A number of women bloat when on their periods and may be emotional about it all. Talking about a woman’s weight is not okay in general unless she brings it up in the conversation and even with that, you need to be mindful of what you say.

5. Blaming her for things she has no control over

She may cancel plans or not be in the best mood or be randomly emotional but you shouldn’t hold it against her. Her hormones are probably running wild and she has no control over them.

Periods are normal and should be treated as such. Also, everyone’s experience every month is different so don’t think you know it all.

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