Start Your Week With Mista Myles’ New Project “Unread Messages”

Two years ago, Mimlife Records signed act Mista Myles put out his first single ‘African Girl’. Months into his career, the Ghanaian singer would put out several songs which would earn him followers and admirers within music circles. Known for being expressive and evoking emotions in his music with songs such as Pray, Mama, and Die For You, Mista Myles at this point of his career deems it the right moment to release his first body of work. The project which is a four-track EP is a collection of love songs he calls ‘Unread Messages’.

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The project sees Mista Myles take us through a musical journey where he displays his incredible writing and vocal skills across different genres on the tape, ranging from Afropop, Afrobeat and the influence of R&B. Myles executes his singing in English, Twi, Ga and pidgin, where he careful pours out his emotions and feelings in different shades of loves. The tape consists of only one feature, Kelvyn Boy on the song ‘Bend Over’ with production credits to NixieOfficivl and Webiejustdidit.

“Making music that can touch and speak people’s emotions, feelings and thoughts is the best feeling you can get as a musician. To be in the position I find myself in where is I can share people’s emotions through my music, makes me appreciate my gift of making music even more. Love for me is the greatest emotion any human can express. And to be able to share that emotion with someone else is the greatest feeling you can feel as an individual.  This is where this project is coming from. A place of love, a piece of me. I’ve always told people I want my music to impact people in one way or the other and I believe this project will do just that. If you’ve ever felt love, shared a mutual feeling with someone, this project is something you will love. This is a part of how vulnerable and expressive about love in both words and actions all compiled in these four songs” Mista Myles

The project is geared towards creating an atmosphere of love and the exchange of emotions between you and someone you love. Each track gives comes off as someone sending their lover a paragraph of how they feel about them and what they are willing to do to prove how much they love them. Mista Myles calls the project a compilation of messages I have sent or wanted to send someone I loved at a point in time in my life. Delve into Mista Myles’s tape and stream all songs out on all platforms.

Source: MimLife Records

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