6 Things Every Ghanaian Parent Does On WhatsApp That Drive Us Crazy

Ghanaian parents are very predictable people especially when online. Before you post anything particularly on WhatsApp, you already know the types of comments you’ll get and so when you get them, you’re not even in the least surprised😹. We’ve compiled a list of things we know every Ghanaian parent does on WhatsApp. Do your parents check the boxes?


In the beginning, they’ll need help with everything about WhatsApp. You’re the one who will set it up for them, help them find a suitable dp, explain why the picture they’ve selected won’t work, show them how to send pictures and everything. At the very beginning, the 2 of you will be using the WhatsApp because they keep forgetting everything you’ve taught them. If you complain, they’ll tell you that’s why they sent you to school.


Once they finally learn how to do whatever you’ve taught them, they tend to overdo it. Some parents keep uploading pictures on their statuses and change their dps every single day. As for the sending of stickers, you can legit have a sticker war on WhatsApp with them and you’ll wonder how they got some of them.


They’ll always comment on your WhatsApp status and so you’ll need to know what to post on there and what not to post. If that will stress you then you can block them from watching your status and just say you don’t update your status anymore.



They always send conspiracy messages. It’s either a gadget will explode or you can prevent yourself from getting COVID by finding a strand of hair in the middle of a Bible, putting it in water and drinking the water. The sad part is that, they usually believe these messages and when you try to convince them, they won’t listen to you.


They’ll always send motivational messages every morning and it becomes some type of way because by now you’ve stopped downloading the images and so you don’t know what exactly to tell them. Do you respond? Or do you immediately archive the chat when you see they’ve texted?


They’ll always post unflattering images of you and they do not care. All they know is that they’re showing the world their children. Your complaints will fall on deaf ears.

Which of these have your parents done before? Which others did we leave out?

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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