5 Work Appropriate Hairstyles You Should Try For This Week

Bold Red Braids. Source: @kersti.pitre

Sometimes getting the right hairstyle for an outfit for work can be a daunting task working it’s way into a bad hair day. No matter the type of hair you’ve got on, these different styles should help give you ideas on how to get your hair done for the week.

1. Top Knot

Image By pearlthestylist_

You can execute this style if you have braids, a frontal or if your natural/permed hair is long enough and depending on your hair, you may have to rely on Bobby pins to keep everything in check.

2. Milkmaid braids

Image via bglh-marketplace.com

A Milkmaid Braid is a stylish, fun, and easy way to style your hair. It can be a challenge to get it done so you can go to your nearest salon and show them the picture and you’re set for the week.

Image via bglh-marketplace.com

This style has so many variations and falls under different names like Halo Twists and Unicorn Braids.

3. French braided bun

Image via hadviser.com

This style consists of two French braids that leads down into a low ponytail, is a fun and modern look that’s also appropriate for the office.

4. Wash and go

Image via faceovermatter

Perfect for the naturalista who needs a quick fix for the week. In the middle of the week, you can hold a pony, a bun, space buns and just overall, alternate the styles so you look different each day. It’s perfect.

5. Updos

Image via baospace.com

Updos are fun and a sure way to get your mind off your hair for a while. If you’re in braids, you’ll have to go to the nearest salon to get it done. You can go weekly to change the updo.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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