7 Young Ghanaians Share Stories On Effects Of Funerals On The Bereaved Family

Image of a Funeral in Ghana

Funerals in Ghana entails a lot; financially, physically, emotionally and even psychologically.

The bereaved family go through a lot to properly plan and fund the funeral, to ensure that the name of the family is not dragged through the mud for not organising a befitting burial for their departed member.

However, what the family members of the deceased encounter before, during and after the funeral is not really taken into consideration by well-wishers and even some members of the bereaved family.

Seven people shared with Kuulpeeps, their experiences with Ghanaian funerals and how they/some members of the family have been affected.

Read the stories below:

“My aunty died and the way my family has treated her kids eh, I cry at times for them. It is very bad. The children have been moved from a good school to a low-class school all in the name of no money. The worse part is they’ve shut my aunty’s husband out and he doesn’t even get to see his own kids.” @blossomsharon_

“I know of a friend whose dad died and had difficulty in raising money to organise the funeral cos he really did have not. The family had to pre-finance the funeral and recouped the amount used after the funeral from the donations made by well-wishers, leaving my friend and his mom with nothing.” Melinda

“I think there should be therapy for the bereaved family. Not just all of us cramped at the hall but individually, because we are likely to be grieving differently because we had different relations with the deceased. It’s been over a year I lost my grandma, there’s not even a single day I do not grieve. She was a grandma but she was more of a big sister.” @atiley_d

“So my grandmother died and I was one of the servers at the funeral. And there was this woman, I didn’t really know her but she knew me. I served her, but anytime I pass she’ll call me. When I told her I couldn’t give her any more, she started making jokes dissing me, and her friends were laughing. I just didn’t pass there again.” Yaw

“I’m sharing my grief on how I lost my aunty I really loved through child delivery… hmmm. After her death, I didn’t have anyone to share my problems with. I felt unloved.” — @_me.noorr

“My cousin’s funeral was stressful. The family had to deal with the various stages of grief and at the same time making plans. That even made the whole process even more difficult because we had to make sure to satisfy everyone so that people don’t complain about the family’s inability to host guests very well.” Amos

“We just finished my dad’s funeral a few weeks back and I may have much to tell. My dad had predominantly lived in Kumasi for school, work, church, friends etc. So the funeral in Kumasi was majorly for relations in Kumasi to have the opportunity to pay their last respect but it was without burial. After funeral service in the church, the body was transported to the morgue in the north while the funeral ceremony continued for Saturday and Sunday in Kumasi. Two weeks after the family and other sympathizers travelled to the north for the traditional funeral and burial. In all of that, we had to provide not only board but food as well. It was an exhausting and emotionally draining time.” Enoch

source: kuulpeeps.com

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