5 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Anyone In A Relationship

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There are certain utterances no girl wants to hear when in a relationship. It’s not even about personal preferences but about decency and respect. Here are some things you shouldn’t say to someone in a relationship.

1. “You could do better”

First of all, people in love will not listen. Secondly, you may be trying to do a good thing but it will be taken the wrong way. If you believe your friend truly can do better, what you can do is to suggest certain things on a lighter note in different situations – but not every single time.

2. “You don’t hang out with us anymore”

At the beginning of every relationship, the couple usually don’t want to leave each other’s presence. They constantly struggle with balancing the time for other things and spending time with each other. What you should do is to jokingly talk about how much they’re in love and so they aren’t spending time with you and try to set a date for you people to hang out. Try not to take this part personal because the honeymoon phase happens to everyone.

3. “You were more fun when you were single.”

Sometimes, your friend will like to hang out with their partner instead of going out for a party with you and other friends and that’s okay. You may need to call their attention to it periodically but do so in a nice way otherwise it can put a strain on your relationship.

4. “You don’t get it. You’re not single”

Why? Hasn’t the person been single before? Wasn’t the person single before they started dating their current partner so they can obviously empathize with whatever problems or experiences you’re going through as a single person. This statement is just absurd.

5. “You’re probably set for life now right?”

There’s a way to say certain things and they won’t come across as “someway”. This statement could have been said in a different way and it will start a funny conversation. This statement ain’t it.

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