These Are The Best Animated Shows Released On Netflix Recently

Image via Wazup Naija

Although Netflix gets a lot of trash talk thrown it’s way when it comes to making animated series, we have to admit that there are also some animated gems on the streaming platform. These are our top picks of the best animated originals released on Netflix recently.

1. Castlevania

A lot of people will argue (correctly, by the way) that Castlevania is one of the best animated shows that Netflix has ever released, period. And there’s some basis for that argument. The animation is brilliant and the story is just weird enough to keep you hooked from second to second.

2. Kengan Ashura

Although it’s not an animation style that you come across usually, it quickly grows on you. Especially when a fight scene starts. Kengan Ashura has, hands-down, the best animated hand-to-hand battle scenes on Netflix.

3. Masters Of The Universe

If you ever saw Masters of the Universe as a kid, you’re going to love this new reboot. The animation is magic, the characters are still fun and He-Man has still got the power!

4. New Gods: Nezha Reborn

There isn’t any combination of words that is going prepare you for what a ride Nezha Reborn is. The stunts choreography is just the right amount of absurd to make you open your mouth in disbelief, but still be hyped about the sequences. The story is a little confusing in some parts, but it does all make sense in the end.



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