Reactions To The Best Our Day Ever That Are Going To Make You LOL

Our Day is an academic tradition in Ghana that aims to make the last day of school, the best day of school. If you don’t know the story of how one little boy’s letter to his mother telling her what to get him for Our Day spiraled into the best Our Day of all time, you need to read this post:

How One Boy’s Our Day Request Turned Into A Fully-Funded Party That We All Want To Attend

Now that you’re all caught up, these are some of the funniest reactions to the best Our Day ever.

I Think We Have A Winner 😂😂

We Are All Students Of Life!

Nah, I’m To This Our Day One Way Or Another

Free Paternity Tests, Really?

In Life, Everything Happens For A Reason. You Just Have To Trust In A Higher Plan

And Here’s The Reason We’re All Enjoying The Best Our Day Ever So Much

Oswald The legend



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