If You’ve Celebrated ‘Our Day’ In Ghana Before, You’ll Relate With These Points

Every single person who schooled in Ghana will be able to relate to the excitement that “Our Day” brings. There’s always some unexplainable joy when you think about the fact that, school is finally over and you can spend the whole day in school just chilling with your friends and eating. If you’ve celebrated Our Day in Ghana before, you’ll relate with these points.

1. You when you realise Our Day is coming.

2. Writing your food list so your parents do not disappoint you.

3. Decorating your class the day before the day of the “Our Day”

4. Realizing that you can sit anywhere you want and and so you can finally sit by your crush.

5. You looking for your Our Day basket to carry all your goodies in

Image via indiamart.com

6. You go and look for your ‘outing clothes’ that will make you the talk of the class and give it to your mum to iron it

7. That night you can’t sleep! All you can think of is how you’re going to have fun with your friends

8. This is you when the day finally comes. Ready to go to school.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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