Theresa Gyamfi: This UG Student Is One Of The Best Plugs For Heels And Sneakers

Theresa Gyamfi

Theresa Gyamfi is a final year Political Science and Information Studies student at the University of Ghana, and a resident of the Mensah Sarbah Hall.

Heels And Sneakers Cottage, a business she started in December 2020, is an online shop that is into the sale of men’s and women’s footwear, specifically, sneakers and heels.

“We also do wholesale for people who are interested in starting a footwear business and have had a few people actually become self-sustaining after a few months working with us,” she told Kuulpeeps.

“The heels range from GHC120 to GHC150… The slippers are from top brands such as SIMMI and ZARA and HERMES. And Sneakers range from GHC65 to GHC450,” she added.

Heels and Sneakers Cottage

Theresa also talked about how she combines studies and business, and her experiences as a student entrepreneur:

Why she started an online business:

“I started earning from my internship program and I saw this business as a good venture to make the money I was earning work for me.”

Managing academic work and business simultaneously:

“Due to academic pressure, I gather all paid-for items during the week and package them for delivery on Saturdays only. So basically during the week, I only receive orders and deliver on Saturdays only.”

Her best and worst experience as a student entrepreneur:

“My best experience, I would say is being able to be independent as a result of the income I am able to make from selling. My worst, however, was having to deal with entitled customers. It is really hard to keep a cool head when working with a rude person.”

Her advice to students who want to be entrepreneurs:

“Yes, only if one can manage his or her time well. It is all about management. If you can’t manage your time, one activity is going to overshadow the other. And as a student, you cannot have anything overshadowing your academics.”


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