Is It Billing Or Not?: The Saga Of 20GH And The Various Arguments

Ghana Cedi bills

“Billing” and “20GH” are currently the most trending topics on Ghana Twitter, with a lot of millennials and Gen Zs weighing in on the conversation.

In recent times, there have been conversations about how ladies, in most cases, ask guys who they are in relationship with or just met for money.

So basically, “billing” is a term used to describe the act of ladies asking guys they are dating or know, for money to sort out their needs.

This issue reignited on Twitter resulting in numerous reactions after some guys posted screenshots as evidence of ladies asking them for various amounts, including GHC20 – which a lot of guys complained about.

The conversation, however, progressed to when the term “billing” can actually be used.

“20GH is not billing”

Some people are of the view that the term “billing” can’t be used to describe every form of financial support a lady seeks from a guy.

According to them, some ladies ask guys for the money, sometimes, because they genuinely need it to take care of a pressing need. Hence, a lady asking for an amount “as low as GHC20” should not be termed as “billing”.

“20GH is billing”

And there are those who are of the view that regardless of the amount asked, it should still be termed as “billing”.

According to them, no amount is too small and an amount range cannot be used to ascertain whether it is billing or not.

They are, however, stating that any amount a lady asks a guy can be termed as “billing”.

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