In Case You Needed To Be Educated About Respecting Women’s Bodies, Here You Go

Why must we judge people based on their physique? Nowadays, a woman is judged by her shape, her belly, her hips, her breasts (oomg!) and even her butt. What’s all this for? Why must we stereotype women by their physical appearances? Why is it normal to say “this girl’s sexy because…”. All women are sexy and beautiful regardless of their shape, size, skin tones, race or whatever! There’s beauty in all women!

These Are The Things We Need To Encourage Women To Do

Feel Themselves

Allow women to feel themselves in their own bodies; the “she seems fat she’s too skinny, she looks like whatever, whatever and whatever” do not help women to be themselves which increases insecurities and lead to mental health issues due to societal stereotypes. Stop 🛑

Celebrate Differences


Same is boring, weird is cute, different is thrilling. Who wants to live in a world where we all look same? Personally, nope I don’t. All shapes and sizes of women are beautiful and should be celebrated. So let’s celebrate our women take in their beautiful personalities.

Increase Inclusivity

Why should women of different sizes struggle out there when looking for outfits or apparel? Some shops are strictly small sizes and no plus sizes, and a lot of shops in Africa don’t consider the taller type of woman. Which is wrong. Inclusivity is important, not just for businesses but for society itself to be a good place where all people are accepted and welcomed wherever they find themselves. Let’s open our minds and consider all women and not just a certain category.

Change Mentality

Even though the older generation stereotypes women, the coming generations can change their mindset if we, the current generation, starts the change. And we can live in a world where we do not put an emphasis on “how a women should look like physically” for a better future, for a better life.

My Body, My Choice

Yes ma’am!

Your body, your choice. If someone feels insecure about their physical appearance, it’s their choice. They can change whatever they want or do whatever they want in order to be happy to feel happy. No pressure allowed here please!

Social-Media, Is A Lie

Funny right? But it all starts here. All those young girls and guys looking like Greek gods and goddesses rocking our timelines are not what they seem. Do not look up to a social media to figure out whether to feel bad about yourself or not; it’s like pouring water in a strainer, it is a waste of water and a waste of your time and energy. You can be whatever you want on social media. Loads of apps will allow you to photoshop yourself to look more attractive and get followers so do not trust all you see.

In all, you choose to look how you want. The most important thing is to feel happy and proud of yourself, you are not living for others but for yourself.

Do you and live better.



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